Wednesday, January 20, 2021

My Favourite Discovery of 2020

For me it is quite a rare occurrence, but now and again I hear a new artist and I am completely stopped in my tracks. I have discovered many new artists to listen to courtesy of Linda's show Voice of a Woman, however one stands out head and shoulders above the rest in 2020.

Voice of a Woman broadcasts on a Sunday at 6pm and listening to the show is normally something I combine with getting tea ready, eating tea and clearing up afterwards. I remember vividly that I was in my kitchen washing up the first time that I heard the music of Jenny Colquitt. Linda played her song “Tell Me Where The Light Is” and I was instantly captured by the sound. I was truly mesmorised and it was only the song finishing and the realisation that I was dripping soapy water all over the kitchen floor that snapped me back to some level of awareness of what was going on around me. This was not a feeling I had experienced since the first time I heard the music of Eva Cassidy.

Jenny is a talented and versatile singer-songwriter and her music spans many different genres. She has two EP albums of her own music out but she is also equally adept at producing excellent cover versions of many different classic songs, again covering many different styles. Jenny has what I would call a “magic ear”, when it comes to interpreting a song, putting her own twist on it while still retaining the original essence of the song.

The 2016 EP “The Quiet Kind” and the 2020 follow up “Dear Daughter” are both superb and I have posted the Bandcamp link at the bottom of this post. Please check out Jenny's music there, stream it on Spotify and look up Jenny's social media accounts. She also streams regularly on Youtube and Facebook and has just started streaming on Twitch as well so there are plenty of chances to hear Jenny live (or at least as close to live as we can manage at the moment).

Jenny's songwriting is very honest and genuine. She truly writes from the heart and her songs are full of passion and feeling. What I like is that she doesn't shy away from writing songs about difficult subjects. Songs such as “I am Yours” which is about addiction, it is difficult to not be moved by Jenny's performance as emotion seeps out of every pore.

I can't wait to see where the journey takes her in 2021. Seeing Jenny live in concert is one of the first things I want to do when it is safe to do so, restrictions are eased and live music can begin to take place again. It will be a special moment.

Please visit Jenny's website by clicking on the link below:
Jenny Colquitt Music

Please see Jenny's Bandcamp page:
Jenny Colquitt Bandcamp

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